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MES Diesel Engine

Mitsui-MAN B&W engines have been manufactured since a technical licensing agreement was reached with B&W of Denmark in 1926, and have maintained their position as one of the world's best engines under Mitsui-MAN B&W brand. MES produces a broad range of engines, from a 1600kW engine to the 68640kW 12K98MC engine, one of the world's most powerful diesel engines. In June 2010, our cumulative produced power reached 70 million brake horse power. MES are the first individual company to reach this plateau and proudly leading the way to the next level.
This dominance can be attributed to the high reliability and economical advantages of Mitsui-MAN B&W engines, and to our ability to respond to our customers' needs in design, manufacturing and after-sales service. Our engines have also found acceptance with customers for power generation, thanks, in part, to the strong reputation of our marine use engines.

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First Class Maintenance Service and Parts

High quality and high performance technical services have always been an integral part of our service at MES Techno. Diesel Engine Service Division have many years of experience in production and supply of first class parts and know the importance of having a variety of available parts and short delivery times , with advantage of production of MAN type turbochargers (NA & TCA), fuel oil valves and fuel oil pumps as original manufacturer.


Improvements in Safety and Reliability

Diesel Engine Service Division have continually made improvements to customers' engines after their performance diagnosis based on accumulated experience and data, and in response to various inquiries from customers and inspection results during our engineers' on-board visits.

The development of the e-GICS system using the Internet is just one example of our continuing efforts to serve our customers. It enhances communication between customers and MES Techno and allows the unified control of various data such performance & maintenance diagnoses, search of technical news, Q&A and spare parts ordering. We continue to emphasize Customer Satisfaction through direct communication with customers, rapid response to inquires, the use of high technology and data systems, and of course, personal contact through our local staff both in Japan and abroad.

The further development of electronic cylinder pressure analyzer (MES-EPOCH), electronic cylinder gauge, etc. enables measurement data to be automatically transferred to the e-GICS system for precise judgement and diagnosis, and we continue to develop useful tools to upgrade the e-GIGS system.detail


Cylinder Pressure Analyzer [MES-EPOCH]

The MES-EPOCH is electronic cylinder pressure measurement system that performs calculation of indicated output, making chart of cylinder pressure, and so on, by utilizing of a laptop computer on the market.

Measurement data is computerized and stored into the computer as an electronic file; therefore the data has commonality between the vessel and office. Also the data can be transferred into data input sheet for performance diagnosis function of the e-GICS system.

The electronic pressure sensor is free from maintenance.detail

alpha lubricator

Environment and Energy Challenges

Diesel Engine Service Division has actively pursued the application of new technologies to meet environmental and energy challenges, such as new air pollution regulations, the ISO14000 rule, etc. For example, the use of De-NOx with Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) and slide type fuel valves as retrofitting has resulted in a reduction of NOx and soot levels, while the use of alpha lubricators as retrofitting has decreased cylinder oil consumption on many vessels.

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Training Course for Marine Diesel Engine

The training will be made on ship's machinery staff in the form of classroom lecture and shop training as to the construction of Mitsui MAN-B&W marine diesel engine and its relevant remote controlled governor (remote control system). Training will also be made in a form of overhauling and assembling of such machinery and equipment in a shop training center. The course will be for 5 days as a standard but can be adjusted to 2/3 days to meet the customer's request.

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